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ANALYTICA is chaired by Mrs Janne Pender. The members are:  




  Martin Ough Dealy   

  Professional Engineer and Consultant  

  Widely  experienced as a management consultant, project leader and industrial  engineer.  Clients have included Asian Development Bank, United Nations,  World Bank as well as large corporate, government and local authorities in NZ  and overseas. He has worked for extended periods in many countries including  New Zealand, Australia, UK, Zambia, Nepal, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia and  Pacific island republics Also contributes to a community service organisation  and a charity providing disaster relief. 20 years experience in HM Services  and over 35 in international consulting.     

  David Edwards      

  Management Consultant and Director  

  Experienced management consultant,  gained from working with Deloitte and predecessor firms both within NZ and  Internationally. Includes directing a global consulting business out of New  York and managing national practices both in Australia and NZ. His roles have  included being an Executive and Non-Executive Director, and is currently the  Chair of an Auckland based charitable trust providing community services        

  Timothy Hannah   

  Diplomat and Economist  

  Various Ambassador/High Commissioner appointments, former  Executive Director APEC Secretariat, past member of Auckland Museum Trust  Board; currently trustee/advisor/patron in various organisations     

  Eileen Henderson    

  Human Resource Development and  Management Consultant  

  Extensive  background in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and general HR  consulting.  Clients across all industries in both NZ and Australia.  MSc (Hons).     

  Swee Keong (SK) Liow              

  Management Consultant  

  A New Zealand  based independent management consultant with considerable business experience  in both NZ and China. Currently an Honorary Advisor to the China Hair and  Beauty Association and contributing writer for a leading Chinese trade  magazine. Previously 11 years as Managing  Director of Wella Cosmetics (China) Co. Ltd. SK has an Executive MBA from  Massey University, New Zealand, a Diploma in Management from the Malaysian  Institute of Management and was awarded a Foreign Experts Certificate from  the State Bureau of Foreign Experts People’s Republic of China."     

  Janne Pender   

  Human Resource, Organisation  Development   Consultant  

  Consults to profit and non-profit  organisations including school Boards of Trustees, on a wide range of HR  areas, organisation development, learning and development, strategic  planning, facilitation and mentoring     

  John Pearce      

  Independent Consultant and Entrepreneur  

  Thirty years experience in heavy  engineering, quality systems, environmental policy development and public  representation, and operations management and general management in steel and  forest products industries and 15 years management consulting in areas of  strategy creation, risk analysis, decision analysis and support, workplace  culture change, research management, professional service market research,  manufacturing facility design and construction project management, and  business acquisitions. Co-inventor of patented commuter car sharing business  system.       

  Laurie Slee      

  Economist and Management Consultant  

  Very experienced international  consultant whose clients include The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank  and various United Nations Agencies and other  International Development Agencies.  He has worked in a variety of countries as well as in New Zealand where he  was employed for a significant time in local government.     

John Blakey

 Karren Goodall


Sue Kohn-Taylor            

Personal Development Coach

Specialist in personal coaching and business performance. I assist people to gain greater insights of themselves, their self limiting beliefs, mindsets and behaviours, to achieve greater personal/business/career success and satisfaction. A career spanning 28 years – including 24 years of self employment, 7 start ups, managing small businesses and contract project management, as well as extensive coaching with individuals across a wide range of businesses.
I offer organisations great knowledge across a broad range of industries, great communication and a thirst for researching and sharing knowledge.  I am very comfortable dealing with and communicating with employees, management and Boards.